Most Popular And Easy Hairstyles For College Girls

December 12th, 2016 by Catherine
Types of hairstyles

Different types of hairstyles

For every college girl, looking at her best becomes one of her priorities. It is that time of life when you want to look pretty, decent and beautiful. Every college girl want to make her style image in the college as it is one of the thing that matters very much for girls. Of course you will go shopping buy new trendy clothes, shoes and bags but that’s not enough. One of the important factors which play a major role in your style statement is hairstyles. You will definitely be bored with same old hairstyles and with same old hairstyle even when you have dressed differently you will still look the same.  When you are in college, right hairstyle with right appearance is very much important. However for a college it will not be possible to spend hours in just your hairstyle and also you are not looking for something which just look too much and go out of the way and too much flashy. Thus here is a list of easy and trendy hairstyles for college girls who can make them look more beautiful and fashionable. In this article, the hairstyles to be described are for every type of length of hairs and even every type of hairs. So it doesn’t matter how long your hairs are or which type your hairs are it will still be useful to you.

  • Classy ponytail with base wrap

If you are a college girl, the old but yet in trend ponytail is still in fashion. However you can try some new additions and variations to your ponytail and make it look really charming. You can try covering the base with the sleek portion of your hairs just as shown in the image. Put some of the sections of your hairs outside and do the normal ponytail. Keep the base at the middle of the back of your head. Make sure to not to keep it too much high or too much low. Once you are done with the ponytail with a normal hairband, wrap that section of your hairs which are left out around your band and you are done with your hairstyle.

  • Messy wrap up plait

Are you in a mood to look simple yet beautiful in your college? Are in search of some hairstyle which can help you make your own statement? Here is a simple yet beautiful hairstyle. Part out your hairs from middle and take all your hairs at the end on one side and make a wrap up plait, end it with a band. Leave the other curls to flow naturally. If you are having curly hairs this is probably the thing you have been searching for your hairstyle.

  • Ponytail with a back puff

This hairstyle is perfect for college girls, it looks highly fashionable and very easy to make. Here the simple hairstyles secret goes. Comb your hairs at the front side covering your forehead just like it is shown in the image and pin your hairs. Now brush the remaining hairs to the back and then tie the hairs with a band at the back making a puff. Use some of the bobby pins to keep the puff at its place. Here it is done you are ready to go to college. It was that simple and easy.

  • Wrapped up side bun

Being a college girl, sometimes you also want to add some soft and gentle look to your style. Here is a great idea to try, you can make a wrapped up side bun which is really simple to make but can add a lots of soft touch to your over all look. Take your hairs at one side and make part and comb it. Take some of the sections of your hairs from the front side, twist it very softly and lightly and pin it at the back. Do the same with another section of the hairs. When done with it, collect rest of your hairs and get it on one side of the neck and make a lose side braid to finish your hairstyle.

  • High horse tail

If you have long hairs and you also have layers in them, then going for high horse tail will be the perfect choice for you to go to college with. Fix your ponytail at a good height and make at a little puff at the back if you like. You can use kind of simple rubber band to carry your ponytail. Open some short blocks of hairs nearby your face which makes it totally perfect as a hairstyle for college girls. This hairstyle is really quick and very easy.

  • Layers with front bangs

This is such a hairstyle which you can go for despite of the fact you have short hairs or long hairs. This can make your look really cute and adorable. Front bangs are in fashion and if you have the right hairs to go for it, it can look really amazing. You can make the other hairs slightly curled and it will perfectly gorgeous for college look. If you have long hairs go for it with hairs, if you have short hairs go for it with your hairs straight.

  • Front puff hairstyle

Making front puff is just a two minutes thing. You can easily make it when you are in rush to reach your college. Many of the college girls opt for it and it looks very beautiful on almost any kind of outfit. For making front puff, you just need to comb all of your hairs and then collect some of the hairs on the front in form of a bunch and then pin them at the back making a puff. Just this much and you are ready to go. Part your hairs in sections and keep them in front from over your shoulders and then leave the rest of your hairs flow down on your back finish your total look.

How to Maintain your Shoes

October 27th, 2016 by Victoria
Shoes cleaned by using a brush

Cleaning the shoes by using a brush

Each and every type of shoes, taking from brogues to sneakers needs proper attention while planning for maintaining your shoes. Not all the shoes create equal importance neither you can treat all the type of shoes with equal importance and treatment. You can’t treat a canvas shoe similar to the way you treat the leather one. But each of the type of shoes needs proper maintenance and care for lasting it for a longer period of time. Buying a nice pair of shoes is just the beginning, but taking care and properly maintaining your shoes will lead your way in a better manner. One of the biggest mistake that men and women make is to neglect process of maintaining your shoes. Only buying and getting the shoes at home is not important but taking proper care is also important for enjoying your favorite shoes to last for longer period of time.

Put some time of the day and make some efforts for maintaining your shoes by cleaning the soles and the fabric. Maintaining your shoes will help you in lead and standing with your feet in any situation whether it is punishment of to walk for many more miles. But the ultimate aim should be keeping your shoes to be up to date and maintaining it properly. The following tips will help you in knowing and understanding the importance of maintaining your shoes with ease.

Tips on maintaining your shoes:

  • Polishing the leather often or many times is helpful for maintaining your shoes. As soon as you are buying your new shoes and getting it out of the box, shoe polish is important. It will offer you with better shine and finish all day long and will last for a longer period of time too. Polish containing the ingredients like Shea butter and mink oil combination works bet and is more suitable to your shoes. It is one of the ideal balances of conditioning and polish you can offer to your shoes.
  • Polishing your shoes each time you are putting it on. At least polishing it when you are leaving out of your home into a bad weather is helpful in many ways for maintaining your shoes in a better way. Opting or investing for Suede shoes, protecting it will help you in leading your shoes to maintain in a proper way. Treat the shoes with the suede spray that is easily available in the retail stores. This spray helps from protecting your shoes from mud, salt and helps in resisting from water.
  • It helps in not damaging your shoes from any of these elements. It is advisable of testing the spray before you take it for the use. Because many a times, it is observed that the spray is applied and it changes the color of your shoes. Also take a note on purchasing a good suede eraser that helps in maintaining your shoes. Select a soft brush so that it doesn’t harm the actual finish of the shoes.
  • For removing the stains, use the eraser to target the stains on the shoes. Rub and scrub it well for removing the stains. Rub it unless the stains are not removed completely from the surface of the shoes. Maintaining your shoes in this way will help you in performing best efforts for it. At the end use a spray for maintaining the finish of your shoes.
  • Saving your shoes from any downpour is included in the tips of maintaining your shoes. If you find yourself stuck in downpour, the first thing you should plan is to save your shoes from getting damaged permanently. Get home and dry it as fast a possible. Making the use of newspaper is best while facing such situation. Stuff a bunch of newspaper in your shoes and let it dry for some time. Place the s hoes in a well-ventilated area for making the drying process more comfortable.
  • Planning for drying the shoes with the help of a hair dryer? Do whatever but don’t try out drying your shoes by using a hair dryer. Even placing the shoes near the heater is strictly prohibited. It will make the leather and the surface of the shoes brittle and crack and can also damage the shoes that will be no longer taken into wearing or using it again.
  • It is advisable of maintaining your shoes with a sponge because it is very hard to know that from which materials is your shoes made. Sometimes, it is observed that the sponge tip applicator attracts to your favorite polish your use for your shoes. It might contain such ingredients that are harmful for your shoes. Instead, using a shoe care kit is more advisable. It is designed and materialized based on the use and the type of shoes you are wearing. The kit contains the elements like natural hair brush and shoe polish.
  • Before you start using your new pair of shoes, ask a cobbler to place a rubber strip or sole on the bottom surface of the shoes. The rubber soles are beneficial because it will not only offer better protection to your shoes but it also help you in felling relaxed while you are putting it on. Surplus to that it is easily available in any retail shop, and is cheap in cost, that is easily affordable by you. Even replacing a rubber sole is also easy, the old rubber sole is replace with the new one and the task is done.
  • Want to make your shoes look rugged? Don’t put your shoes through a ringer just to have the rugged effects. Rather you can easily get the rugged effects even by protecting the leather. Using a neutral cream or a leather balm is advisable, but avoiding it to buff from shining. Want to increase the age of your shoes? Just a pinch of black polishes and guess what you are through it. Using a black polish doesn’t provide any damaging effects to your shoes and maintaining your shoes process will be easily taken to its aim.

How to Find Best Red Lipstick for You

September 21st, 2016 by Victoria
Girl wearing bold Red Lipstick

Red Lipstick – different shades and textures

Imagining of not having a right outfit for your party or improper selection of jewelry, kills your mood of parting, right? The same feeling is with red lipstick. We all have a dam hard crush on bold and beautiful red lipsticks. But, also scared of not suiting on us. Rather I can say, not having the accurate knowledge of which shades of red lipstick is having the best impact on us. Any outfit that you think is wonderful on you will not get completed unless and until, red lipstick is added to your gesture. Well, for me red lipstick is the confidence to come in front of the world just like Beyoncé. Any outfit you dress looks perfect when you complete it with the prefect shade of red lipstick. Might be thinking of different shades of red lipsticks, isn’t it?

Trust me there are different shades of red lipsticks that are available, and you job is to select the appropriate shade for your skin tone. Planning of impressing people around you, check out for perfect red lipstick shade that not only impress your skin tone but will enhance your surrounding people too. A bold lipstick is the instant way to appraise your look in few minutes and red lipstick is the one for you. Whether you want have a ravish look in ruby, care-free Crimson, or sultry scarlet, there’s perfect list of shades of red lipstick waiting for you. With the help of below mentioned tips, a perfect selection of your lips with beautiful shade of red is waiting out there.

Finding best red lipstick for you


  • Starting with the basic guidance, red is a stone cold classic choice, states the makeup person. According to the research, amongst all women who wears lipstick daily, approximately 70 percentages of them wears the magnificent shade of color – Red. Among all, the most difficult part that is noticed is the selection of right type of shade of red lipstick. Well, red is the trickiest one to opt for when planning of having it.


  • Having best red lipstick depends upon your skin tone. First properly understand about your skin tone for having accurate selection of red lipstick for your face.


  • Fair and glowing skin


Perfect orange red lipstick wore by a girl

Orange red lipstick – for fair skin tone

Having fair skin tone? And confused of which shade will appear better on your skin? Then consider a shade with the essence of orange. As you are having bright skin, bright color is most suitable for your face tone. Coral red or Tomato red should be your choice of shade of red lipstick for enhancing your look beautifully.

Not saying that don’t go for harsh or darker red, because darker red will lead your look to have gothic effects that will not impress your way. Even applying directly the lipstick is not an appropriate way of having it.

Dab your finger on lipstick and apply it with the help of fingers on your lips. It will provide a varied yet closer of full lips. Opting for a modern look? Do not make the use of lip liner, this will spoil your look and your shade of red lipstick will be no longer highlighted. But still you want to use it, and then use nude lip pencil that is available. It will enhance your lips with bold effects that you are in need of.


  • Medium skin toned


Basically, each and every shade of red lipstick is suitable on medium skin toned women, but many times it is observed to be tricky in selecting it. Taking from orange red, blood red, to bold and darker red each shade perfectly reflects your skin tone.

But certain things, you need to keep in mind such as if you teeth are not pristine clean, then avoid the use of orange shade. Reason is, orange shade provides a matt touch to your lips that results in to dull look if.

Even different shades can be applied according to the seasons. Women having medium skin tone can have burgundy for winters, for having an appealing and bold look. Whereas in summers, you may have bright red i.e. orange red or blood red.

It is not stipulated of using such shades but proper guidance will lead you in having a perfect lipstick for your skin tone.


  • Darker skin tone


Having complementary shade of lipstick for your skin tone is faultless. Barren of orange undertones and Cool reds are the perfect choice to go for. Remember of having a shade that increases your charm and plum up your skin tone. It is advisable of testing it before you invest your money. Many darker shades of red come in glossy look that is not appropriate your skin tone.

Rather make the use of dull finished lipsticks that perfectly blends with your skin. Still you are not getting any dull finished lipstick; go for opting of having a sheer one.

For making it suitable on your face, make the use of compact or foundation of making it damp. Try to smoothing it up with the help of your finger and add a little bit of foundation for having it evenly surfaced on your lips. This tip will eliminate any of the cracks on your lips and appeal more beautifully the shade you addressed your lips.


  • Selecting proper textured lipstick


Texture of lipstick is among the important point to be taken in to consideration. The days of having single toned lipsticks have gone. Now there are varieties of options available for you such as glossy, shinny, shimmery and matt. Opting for the right one is decided on the look you are wearing. Don’t want to have a bold look, simple colored lip balm or gloss will work more prominently for your lips. Want to have the impact for longer period of time, sheer texture with extra tenacious pigment is ideal amongst all.


No wonder, might be imagining there is lot more to know about it, right?  But let me tell you, having definite shade of red lipstick will replicate your personality and prerequisites in a better way.



Types of Boots Women must go for

July 2nd, 2016 by Victoria

Types of Boots Women must go forFashion is such a thing which each and every woman is fond of right? There are many things which can be accessed from your wardrobe, well not only that many things can be considered to be repeating and extra which you need not keep in your wardrobe but the fashion makes us do such right. We have almost all the things and fashionable stuff in our wardrobe like clothes, minor accessories, helps, sandals, boots, etc. and many more of the things but according to me there are many different types of boots women must go for. Yes, you heard it right. Boots are considered to be giving us the feel of getting completed when we wear it. It looks fabulous with any of the attire which you are wearing it. So it is more advisable for the women out there to go for different types of boots women must go for.

This article will help you in knowing for the different types of boots women must go for their wardrobe being full of it. Women have most of the tendency of buying shoes for each and every occasion which they are having off but certainly not much focus on the boots which are considered to be eventually flexible and comfortable when they are going for it. There are many different types of boots women must go for like riding boots, Chelsea boots, vintage cowboy boots, heeled boots for every day, etc. and many more of the options which you can go for at the time of deciding type of boots women must go for.

Types of boots women must go for

  • Well, as stated there are many different types of boots women must go for when planning of getting the new ones right? Well, then let us start up with one of the types of boots women must go for is the ready riding boots. I think according to me it is considered to be one of the cool kinds of attire which you must go for. Well, it is considered to be wearing on any of the type of dress which you think will look perfect on it. It is depending up on the way you accessories it on the dress which you have selected for.
  • Chelsea boots are considered to be another option which you can say it as the type of boot women must go for. well, in simple words it is not on the name of any person but it is considered to be the place where by this boots became more of the popular. Well, if you want to go your comfort than it is considered to be one of the most comfortable boots which you can get from the market.
  • If you want to go for the vintage feel and the old time than cowboy boots are considered to be your jam which is also considered to be the type of boots women must go for. it is considered to be versatile in nature which you can go for. Not only that but it helps in working and making a style statement to your attire which you have worn of.

Tips of Getting Summer Work Outfits

June 6th, 2016 by Victoria

summer work outfits.jpgSummer is considered to be such time where by women can openly go for fashioning their tastes right? So the women out there, I know it becomes difficult to decide that which dress will be more suitable which can not only make you look confident but help you to get both the casual as well as the work look together. Well, well, don’t worry at all. I will help you in getting all of your questions solved right away buy helping you in knowing different ways of getting summer work outfits for you. Mark my words, there are many different and fashionable summer work outfits which you can go for at your work place and it is definitely going to impress up your colleagues by the way you have dressed.

It is very important to look professional at your work place because it is considered to be such a place where by you have to work and present yourself in front of the world. And for getting this scenario it is important to get the best summer work outfits which can be considered best for you. Well, there are many different types of summer work outfits out there which you can go for like prints dresses, get the professional yet fancy look, modern vintage, go for pant suits, etc. and many more of the options which you can try for this summer work outfits for you.

Tips of getting summer work outfits

  • As stated that there are many different ways which can represent you with the ideas of getting summer work outfits which can help you in the matters of getting dresses in the best manner you can. And it is very much important to grab for the opportunity because your personality will hold you up at your work place.
  • As stated it is being discussed about the different summer work outfits you can go for the prints. Yes prints are considered to be such a dress code which can help you in getting the perfect look. A printed skirt with plain t-shirt is considered to be a great look and combination which can help you in maintaining yourself from morning to evening in your work place.
  • Not only that but printed clothes will help you in opting for the best dressing and can also be said as giving breezing effects to your day. So it is better to go according to the trend which is going on in the fashion world.
  • Get a sleek look, yes, it is considered to be more of sharp look which is specially designed for the matters of summer work outfits. Well, if you will ask me than I would say it that it is also known as dress for success. You can also go for wearing a sweater on the top which you have selected so that after work you can enjoy your after party too.
  • Go for modern vintage concept which is considered to be something new this time. Yes we all know that the vintage look is being coming back and this will help you in looking bold and confident enough for getting the best of both of your worlds.

Live Your Dream With JTV

March 26th, 2015 by Catherine

Jewelry DesignYou like to wear jewelry. Good. You like to make your own choices. Even better. And many a times you feel that a specific design of the jewelry could have a better orientation had it been in a different color or shape or pattern. And at times, do you also hold a view that you would have done the design in a particular way? If you have had any of such feelings, then here’s an opportunity for you to set things straight. Jewelry television has launched an open contest where contestants can submit their own jewelry designs and hog the spotlight. Live your dream of creating your own line of jewelry design with

Is this that famed JTV that has a reach of 80 million households ?

Yes, it’s the same JTV. Founded in 1990s, JTV is now among the top online retailer for everything related to fashion and real jewelry. More than 2 million visitors visit its site every month. JTV is also the world’s largest colored gemstone retailer. It’s the only customer interactive channel with exclusive focus on retailing of jewelry and gemstones.

What’s the contest about ?

The JTV 2015 Rockstar designer contest extends an open invitation to everyone who has a liking towards jewelry designing. The contest opens the doors to industry experts, industry insiders, jewelry manufacturers, top level buyers and an exposure to national and international audience. The winners get introduced to the industry and guided by get expert mentorship.

How will the contest work ?

JTV Rockstar ContestA panel of judges, consisting of industry leaders and experts, will select 100 designers among all the applications that will be received under the contest at The designs of these 100 selected finalists will be posted online for public viewing and voting. This will narrow down to the list to 10 semi-finalists.

From these 10 semi-finalists, the group will be further narrowed down to a list of 5 names who will be notified by to visit the JTV headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee. It will be an all paid trip for these 5 top finalists. Everything included. The top 5 finalists will go through a reality TV style competition. They will pass through  4-stage elimination round where they will be working on unique design challenges. All this will be filmed, recorded and telecast on the  national broadcast network and aired on

Age eligibility for entering the contest is set at 21 years.

How to enter the contest

  • Upload your headshot
  • Upload your video but take care it doesn’t exceed 2 minutes in length.
  • Upload up to four more images to display your designs.
  • Agree to the official rules of the contest.
  • You will need to provide a detailed description of each file that you upload.

Detailed Requirements which will help getting you selected

  • Images should be uploaded in .jpg format and videos should be .mov, .wmv, .mp4 supported.
  • It’s necessary to provide first and last name with each of your upload.
  • Along with your image upload, you will need to provide detailed description of each design – the details can contain but not limited to materials, technique used, inspiration behind the design, how to wear it, and/or any other details which you feel can add value towards the concept of your design.
  • Photographs should be cropped closely so that it can be examined and evaluated in detail.
  • The brightest thing in your photograph should be your object and background should be solid simple color which will help to make your object more attractive.

For selecting any candidate it is also necessary for us to know him/her as a person, contestant’s passion towards work and nature, so your video should also capture you along with your work but keep in mind the video should not exceed the 2 minutes border line, including everything. The video can depict your nature, your art, your skills, your interest and passion towards your field. It can consist of you spending time with your family, you at work and things which can help us to understand you better. You can take help of your family members or friends to capture you in such moments. The video should be something that you must feel happy about.

How to take a good Headshot

  • For achieving the most gratifying effect of your headshot, you should take your photo from straight ahead or from a slightly above angle.
  • Evade overhead light if you are taking the photo indoor to avoid the unflattering effects of shadow.
  • For getting the best effect of natural sunlight, avoid facing the sun and instead position the sun behind you.

How to make good video & photograph

headshot photoUse of solid color should be preferred in the backgroud and care should be taken to see the color you chose is in contrast with your object.

  • The video should be shot in landscape form if a smart phone is used.
  • Don’t start instantly in your video, give 5 seconds to lapse and then display or speak about your work of art.
  • The camera should be steady and clear; blurry or unclean images would be negative for your selection. You can use a tripod for steady surface for position your camera properly.
  • The video you create should not only contain your design but also should include you as a person

Must read

  • Please keep in mind that if you are selected as a finalist, you should return the completed finalist agreement before you move to the next phase of the contest.
  • Be in agreement with the official contest rules of the JTV 2015 Rockstar contest.
  • The list of second round finalist will be declared on 29th May. You would be informed either by phone or by mail or both. Finalist will be notified before 3pm EST. Failure in reaching you (finalists) may result in disqualification. So make sure you can be reached either by phone or email.

For more details, visit the JTV 2015 Rockstar Contest page here.


Dressing Ideas For Valentine’s Day

January 29th, 2015 by cooldude

valentines day dressingValentine’s Day is celebrated in almost all the nations of the world on the four tenth of February as a day of celebrating the highest form of unconditional love between a man and a woman. This is the one day that men and women all around the world wishes to depict their unconditional love for each other.

On this day women belonging to the various age groups try to dress themselves up is the best possible ways to draw the attention of their particular Valentine. The Valentine’s Day that is expected to be celebrated on the 14th of February 2015 like every year will have very young to moderately old women doing a makeover, wearing their best winter wears, giving their hair the best treatment, wearing the best pair of Cinderella shoes in order to make an impression on their Prince charming of the day.

In lieu of this it can be suggested that since February is the month which marks the initiation of the spring season therefore it is advisable that in keeping with the trends of nature the women folk dress themselves in cloths that depict the vibrancy of nature. The ladies are therefore advised to wear bright and colourful colours. All those who wish to give themselves a casual look and choose to wear jeans and T shirt must ensure that it is colourful and bright. It is advisable that they wear a shade of blush on and eye shadow with is matching with the colour of their blouse or T shirt. Their colour of their lipstick should be in keeping with the colour of their T shirt or blouse.

Another very important aspect that the women folk are expected to attach hundred percent importances to be their hair do. The women are advised to give a special treatment of shampoo and spa to their hair on the preceding day of Valentine. On Valentine’s Day they can either keep their hair open or depending upon the length of their hair they can tie it to a knot or dress it up into a French knot or any other bun.

Another very important aspect that deserves special mention here is the type and quality of foot wear they should put on during this very auspicious day of celebrating love in its highest and unconditional form. It is advisable for the women to wear pure leather branded high heels or designer shoes that will give them an extra mile in their dress code on this very special day.

Last but not the least each woman should give proper attention to the kind of hand bag or purse them want to carry on this day to make a definite impression on their respective Valentine. It is advisable that each one carries pure leather designer hand bags that have a brand name and brand image in the international market. Although such hand bags will undoubtedly be really very expensive yet they will definitely add to their style quotient.

Top 5 winter Fashion ideas

November 5th, 2014 by cooldude

winter Fashion ideasWinter signifies dark and light hues combination and bling to turn off the winter blues. Winter is basically the time when you can dress up with best make up and following the trends religiously. It does not in any way signify to wear the same old sweaters and monkey caps. You can really put your best foot forward with swanky footwear along with your dresses. Both men and women have the liberty to play around with their outfits throughout winter. Teaming up of various clothes with other clothes and accessories is what you intend to do in winters. Here are the top 5 winter Fashion ideas:

• Good pair of bottoms with bling and sweatshirts –
You can never go wrong with comfortable yet well fitted bottoms and you get the best colours for winter. If you choose light to medium shades in bottoms- be it the classic auburn grey denim, white linen fabric trousers with silver zip in the pocket or striped tights you can team them up with long sweatshirts in dark colour or light shades with shimmer and bling. Jersey t-shirts are in this winter.

• Jackets and coats with skirts and tights –
if you want to make a statement then wear your trench coats in nude colour along with dark shade of tights along with leather or suede fabric boots. Those who miss their skirts this winter do not be disappointed as you can still team up furry jackets and coats with them and wear high rise boots to not get the chill.

• Hood tops and shimmery sweaters – Rose gold is the colour this season along with blush pink! Those who feel light down by their high school sweaters you will be amazed to twist the idea with bling hoods and rose gold tinge sweaters and there you go all new brand high school hit girl. Fur hood tops with jersey number in front also gives you a chic radiance.

• Stoles and scarves teemed with georgette shirts – feather light shirts in rich textures and colours with shiny scarves and printed stoles tied in knots of different types around the neck region gives you a smart and corporate look. You can either team it up with denims or tights. Full sleeves shirts look best in winter and if there is the fold up addition be sure to curl it up.

• Gowns and dresses – long gowns of thick fabric with little embellishment gives you a party look and you can even combine it with short jacket. Knee length dresses paired with ankle cuffs and stilletoes also add up to the style profile of your wardrobe.

Watches of big dials in metal, hats with embellishments, top head woollen cap, fur layered on coats, gloves and big stylish buttons make it the go to style statement. Be sure not to put everything all at one go. Even a simple little long horizontal striped t-shirt or plain t-shirt with bling on the arm can look uber cool in winter. You do not have to beat the heat with your wardrobe so chill in your comfy fabrics.

Latest Shoe Trends Fall 2014

September 14th, 2014 by cooldude

Latest Shoe TrendFashion has become a very important aspect of everyone’s daily life these days. A majority of you always give special attention to how you look and what you wear when you are either at home, going to work or meeting some friends. Selecting the perfect footwear can be a daunting task because you want a flexible footwear option that can be compatible with all kinds of clothes you wear. Shoes are such a footwear option. Nowadays shoes come in so many different varieties and styles that you can wear them with any outfit whatsoever. Here are the latest shoe trends for fall 2014.

Shoes with Heels:

Women are fond of heels because heels impart a kind of sexual appeal to their body. Whereas women are also fond of shoes as these are extremely comfortable. Therefore shoe designers have come up with shoes having heels so that women can be provided with a perfect combination of comfort and sexual appeal. Whether it is high heels, low heels, spike heels, pencil heels, platform heels, wedges etc. you will find all kinds of heels being utilized to create amazing variety of shoes.

Flat Shoes:

There are a small minority of women who prefer flat shoes instead of shoes with heels. The shoe designers have kept their preference in mind as well and you will see the market flooded with gorgeous and smartly designed flat shoes that represent the epitome of practicality and comfort.

Shoes with Buckles and Ankle Straps:

The trend of using buckles and ankle straps to give a unique and chic look to the otherwise simple looking shoes is something that is very popular among the shoe designers. The buckles and ankle straps have the ultimate ability to enhance the overall look of shoes.

Manly Shoes:

Most women who have a preference for shoes do not always look for fancy and well decorated shoes. They look for shoes that have a manly touch to them. Therefore the designers are coming up with more and more manly shoes which look totally trendy and extraordinary.

Shoes Studded with Beads, Jewels and Other Sparkling Elements:

These kinds of shoes are surely going to cost you a fortune but then they are worth the investment as these are very rare and can help you make a fashion statement in the best possible manner. However, the beads, jewels and other sparkling elements studded shoes can be utilized for parties and major occasion only. You cannot expect to wear them at work.

Shoes with Cuts:

The fall 2014 has witnessed a shoe trend which has revolutionized the way shoes generally look. This trend is that you will find that a majority of the shoes are designed with wisely placed cuts which change the appearance and design of the shoes in a remarkable way.

Shoes with Curious Prints:

Prints that you will usually find on the shoes these days are mind boggling and are completely out of the box. Interesting use of graphics and patterns has made shoes extremely popular especially among the young people.

Five Ways Of Cleaning Diamond Jewelry

July 24th, 2014 by cooldude

Cleaning Diamond JewelryDiamond with a high refractive index of 2.417 glitters profusely. Many times its usage daily and its contact with the products that you use for personal and health care can make them look dull. You make a very important investment in the form of diamonds. Taking care of diamonds that you own is an indispensable part of your life and cannot be avoided. Maintaining the shine and luster of the diamonds that you own is very important. The only thing you need to do is to have a close look at them. The best way to clean the precious diamond jewelry is by taking it to an expert or a shop as they are well-equipped. Otherwise you can also clean it at home. Some remedies to clean the diamond jewelry and add extra sparkle to it are:

• You can hold the diamond in your hand for a while or soak it in water. You need to observe it for a little time and then use a bit of detergent to clean it. Make sure that you have cleaned all the dirt and oils that might have settled on it over time. The last thing after having done all of this is to wash the diamond thoroughly clean and make sure no residue is left.

• You can even soak the diamonds in some cold water and add three teaspoons of baking soda. Allow it to stand for four hours. After that wipe with a soft cloth. Use a mixture of equal amounts of detergent powder and soda bi carbonate. Use a soft brush to clean it and wipe it clean with a soft velvet cloth.

• Use a small soft brush maybe a child’s tooth brush to clean your jewelry. In a small bowl mix ammonia and warm water in the ratio of 1:4. Then place your diamond jewelry in the bowl containing this mixture. Let it soak for ten minutes and then use the soft bristles to clean the diamonds while they are still soaked. Then wash your jewelry. A tea strainer or any other strainer could be used to wash under warm water. A jewelry polish cloth can be used to dry the jewelry clean.

• If your diamonds are still not as you had expected you can soak them for another half an hour in a solution of water and ammonia in equal ratios .You shall observe mountings on the jewelry which can be brushed off easily. Then again replace the pieces to the solution and with a circular motion move it around completely before taking it out and rinsing it. Then pat dry.

• If you prefer getting jewelry cleaners for the purpose, many stores sell these liquids. Most of them are kits that contains a brush, a cleaner, and a lint free cloth for cleaning the jewelry. You can also use an ultrasonic cleansing unit which uses high frequency to create a cleansing motion.

To keep the diamond jewelry looking its best you can use your preferred cleaning method. Experts suggest that the jewelry needs cleaning at least once in a year.